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Have master astrologer, Liz Greene interpret your horoscope.

Liz Greene's Psychological Horoscope Analyses are unlike most other Horoscope Reports. Using the powerful methods that have made Liz Greene one of the most sought-after consultants in the world, the interpretation provides deep and revealing insight.
Areas explored includ your psychological type, your childhood, and your experience of your parents.

The Inner Child

In addition Liz Greene has created a Child Horoscope, which is ideal as a tool for understanding a child's inner motivations. Many adults find that it offers illumination into their childhood and adds to the Psychological Horoscope without covering the same ground.
Liz Greene, astrologer Liz writes in her unique style - where each time you read it, new dimensions and avenues to explore are revealed. Not only is there the pleasure and rewards of self-discovery as in other reports by Liz Greene, but there is a real possibility that the insights can translate into personal success and fulfillment outside your inner personal world.

The Meaning of Time

Liz's Yearly Horoscope Analysis The Meaning of Time is excellent with an extensive and detailed analysis of the major influences during the year ahead. Each influence is annotated with the astrological glyphs for the transits and progressions making this a most useful tool for the astrologer and astrology student. However you don't have to be an astrologer to benefit from the interpretation.

Liz's Long-Term Horoscope Perspectives for the Next Five Years. This is a 40 page Forecast for the next five years, dealing with the major influences in your life and their impact on your life in relation to world changes in consciousness. You should note that it does not cover the period in the same depth and detail as the Yearly Horoscope and covers a different perspective.

The Psychological Dynamics of a Relationship

The Relationship Horoscope focuses on the inner workings of a partnership. By using the astrological techniques of synastry and the composite chart, Liz explores a partnership based on love from all angles. You can either order a single report from one partner's perspective or two booklets addressing each partner separately.

A Horoscope to help identify your vocation

The Career and Vocational Horoscope is much valued because finding and pursuing a career path that is right for you and uses your talents leads personal success, material rewards, recognition and achievement. Liz has written an analysis that deals with the fundamental issue of our role in the mundane world. It considers key questions like what potential and specific talents can you bring into your working life? What difficulties and limitations hold you back either in real terms or simply blocks that can be overcome? All manner of angles are considered in relation to the question of what is your calling or ideal vocation.
Each Psychological Analysis is presented in the form of a neatly laid-out, perfect-bound booklet and is sent by first class airmail anywhere in the world. Please note that this range of horoscopes are not delivered as an on-line print-out.
For horoscopes that can be delivered on-line delivery ...
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