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Video Presentation By Liz Greene: How to cast a Horoscope
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Get astrology instruction from the best!

Liz Greene's Guide to Astrology is a two hour video course (Running time: 115 minutes) on DVD in the techniques of Horoscope calculation and interpretation.
Liz Greene Video/DVD
This clear and comprehensive programme is an essential tool for all from the beginner to the advanced student. Liz goes into the deeper meanings of the Signs of the Zodiac, the Planets, the Houses and the Aspects. She then takes you through the stages involved in calculation of the birth chart. Finally, she reveals her techniques by interpreting a live chart and an analysis of the chart of Prince Charles.

Originally created as a VHS video in 1984, this Guide to Astrology DVD remains the classic for learning astrology. To see a full outline and clips from this introductory course in astrology. ... more about the content ...

Details when ordering your DVD

    When you order, ensure that you get your local format:
  • PAL (Europe, Australia, NZ, Africa, most of Asia)
  • NTSC (US, Canada, South America & Japan).

Price 16/US$25/Aus$30 per DVD
Shipping & handling 2.50/US$3.50/Aus$4.50
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