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Liz Greene, one of the most notable astrologers of our time.

Liz Greene
World famous astrologer and Jungian analyst Liz Greene brings her unique psychological approach to the art of Horoscope interpretation.

Now you can tap into Liz Greene’s enormous knowledge and experience in the form of a personal horoscope analysis. In her interpretation of your chart, Liz will probe the very depths of your unconscious or hidden nature.

Liz Greene's Psychological Horoscopes

Through your Psychological Horoscope Analysis, she will encourage you to face sub personalities in your nature often with reference to archetypal characters. In the Yearly Horoscope, she will explore the mysterious connection between your unfolding inner path and experience with corresponding events in the outer world. In your Career and Vocation Horoscope, you can gain insight into your specific abilities, difficulties and potentials in relation to different fields of work. The Relationship Horoscope provides profound insight into the psychological dynamics of a loving relationship between two people. Though written primarily for children, the Child’s Horoscope can also offer adults insight into their childhood experience and potential.

These analyses are created using a highly sophisticated modern programming technique called artificial intelligence. The result is that Liz Greene’s remarkable text can be woven together in a way that actually mirrors her powerful methods of interpretation.

What do other astrologers say?

“Liz Greene has no peers where psychological astrology is concerned and this program really does capture her mind and insights to an astonishing degree. It is said that a computer can never replace an individual astrologer, but it is difficult to imagine an astrologer producing a report of this depth and quality by hand for less than ten times the cost. I recommend A*I reports to most of my clients and often use them as an invaluable preliminary to my consultative work.”
~ Charles Harvey, DFAstrolS., (Astrologer, author, past President of the Astrological Association and the Faculty of Astrological Studies)
“Quite simply breathtaking in its accuracy and ability to paint a vivid picture of the inner landscape.” ~
Jayne Ridder-Patrick BSc. (Author of Handbook of Medical Astrology)- The Astrological Journal.

Vocational Horoscope

Prices & to Order Psychological Horoscope.

Range of Psychological Horoscopes by Liz Greene.

Liz Greene's Bio & Books

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